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Last month, I skipped out on Thanksgiving and traveled to Thailand with a big group of friends from the gym. We had a BLAST checking out the busy streets of Bangkok and then retreated to the small quieter island of Koh Samui to relax and spend most of our time at the ocean. Not to mention things are CHEAP! …if you know where to look and dine away from hotels. Hotels = American Prices. I was able to find huge plates of food for like, 75 cents. On the contrary, I had a burger at my hotel for $25.. This wasn’t EVERYTHING I did over the 10 days, but here are a few of the key things!

Aspen’s Thailand Rating Experiences:

Floating Market: 8/10 Spectacular experience! It was awesome riding the boat through the river and tight canals and being able to purchase different souvenirs along the ride. We had our own boat to ourselves and a hilarious guide. The only reason this isn’t 10/10 is 1. it was hot a balls. I was sweating the entire time. 2. The souvenirs are very overpriced, and it lost a little authenticity based on it being such a tourist attraction. However, it would be a must if you are in Bangkok!

Ping-Pong Show: 2/10 Yes. They are real. And yes, they are strange. Obviously I knew what I was getting myself into when I walked in the door, but the weak rating wasn’t based on the performance itself, but the total hustle of the experience in general. If you aren’t careful and agree with the bouncer ahead of time, you will face an entrance fee, a show fee, a minimum drink purchase fee, AND an exit fee. I had agreed on a set price to cover all of these things before entering, but the performers will do an act and demand a tip no matter where you are seated, and will literally stand there with their hand out the entire time unless you tip them. I am 100% familiar with the importance of tipping for a show.. but the demanding was just downright unpleasant.

Maui-Thai Fight: Unsure how I feel about this. If you do go, check out “Pink Poodle” off of pat pong. Its a mixture of a strip club that is transformed into a boxing ring in 60 seconds. I’m not super into the whole people hitting and kicking each other in the face, but it definitely is an art! Also.. hot dancing ladies :)

Elephant Riding: 0/10 Did not participate. I am not a crazy peta person, but I do draw the line here.. it breaks my heart, and if you want to see elephants, see them in a sanctuary, not a place where you can ride them.

Lady Boy Show: 10/10 You just have to see one while you are there!! Without a doubt, an awesome show. Beautiful lady boys performing highly entertaining show pieces! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it!

ATV Riding: 10/10 I was in Koh Samui for this activity, and it was without a doubt one of my most favorite things to do! There were pretty much no rules, and no restrictions. Just some good old fashioned ATV riding. I was covered in mud, and my hands were killing me by the end. Just what I wanted!

Snorkeling: 5/10 The waters were quite murky off the coast of Koh Tan. I didn’t really see anything worthwhile, and my go pro footage is just meh… The perks were, I love being in the ocean, and I got some super sweet tan-lines as a result!

Scuba Diving: 6/10. The waters were once again pretty murky.. and of the 2 days of diving I took part in, 1 was a complete fail. My group was stuck in a current and we didn’t make it to the dive spot even after swimming for 40 mins. We were virtually on an ocean treadmill. The 2nd day was a little better, but still, the visibility was just not up to par. Just bad luck!

Renting Mopeds: 10/10 I had no idea I would enjoy this so much! Even with the whole injury thing being a big issue (there are over 500 deaths per year on the small island on motorcycles alone) it was such a cool way to experience the island! I would do it again 100%

xo Aspen
As many of you know, Sasha is one of my longest and most dearest friends I have had the pleasure of making via MFC. Back in 2012 I ventured to meet her for the first time in Russia (my 2nd international trip)!! We had an instant bond and I felt like I had known her my entire life!

She is my go-to travel buddy and we have been fortunate enough to see much of the world together! After waiting YEARS she finally gained a visa to visit me in the good ol US of A! It was finally my turn to host her here at my place!

She fit right into my busy schedule and was with me every gym session, ate my healthy meal prep food, and made my otherwise mundane things in life so much more fun and interesting! Of course, we saw some sites while we were in LA together, as well as SF City :)

It took every ounce of self control to not hide her passport so she could stay with me foreverrrrr!! I can’t wait until our next journey takes place! Where in the world shall we go next...

xo Aspen


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As I’m sure you have seen from my countless social media posts, the snapchat overload, and my constant chatting on MFC… I WON MY FIRST NATIONAL SHOW!! Along with that win, comes the IFBB Pro Title!! If you are not familiar with the term - (don’t worry, 99% of people aren’t) It means I am a part of the International Federation of Bodybuilding with a “Professional" status. Thats right… I am not only a professional mastubator, but I can now say I am a professional bodybuilder!! It doesn’t feel real.

Achieving Pro status is like, the granddaddy of all things competition wise. Once you “go pro” you no longer have to compete in the local regional shows, or even the national shows! I am now entitled to compete among the Pros in every pro show around the globe!

What’s next for me?
I am going to take the rest of the year off from competing. I have no desire to compete again until possibly spring 2018 or early summer. I will then make my pro debut :) I have a LOT of great goals and projects planned over the next few months (ahem, helicopter license) and I am going to enjoy the off-season and time to shift my focus onto those for a little while.

It is such an honor to have this title. And I couldn’t be more happy and in utter shock that my dreams of becoming pro have turned into a reality! Thank you so much to you all for supporting me on my journey. It means the absolute world to me and I am such a lucky girl to have you all on my side :)


YouTube Channel

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Youtube Channel!!

After MONTHS of debating, I’ve finally decided to join the world of YouTube!! Check out my channel when you have a chance to more of my “day-to-day” life as well as different workouts and diet tips :) Mind you, this is more of a fitness/lifestyle YouTube channel.. so it’s going to be very PG (crazy right?!?! Is that even possible for me??)

Worry not, I still have a TON of new (naughty) content for ya here :D

Don’t forget to subscribe! YouTube bases pretty much everything based off that subscriber number.

Aspen Rae YouTube Channel

New Store Update

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Hello my friends!
I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. After my last show I haven’t really had a whole lot going on that you don’t already know. Basically, gym, eat, gym, eat, sleep, repeat. Not too much variance, not much traveling, hence, not too much to talk about. A couple things that I HAVE been brewing up however!

1: The Store!
You asked for it, and here it is! I have released a store account where you can finally have access to purchasing posters and snapchat! I must have spent 2+ hours just deciding on which font to use for the posters.. you have no idea how much overthinking I did with this! But alas, they are here and they are ordered :) I was able to make them reasonably cheaper that I would have by selling them on MFC (since they take a portion of the revenue) AAAAND snapchat available!

2: I’m a sponsored athlete!
I won’t drop names here.. (since this is an adult site after all) but you can check out my instagram for more info on that :D Its a HUGE deal for me and I am beyond excited for this opportunity to work with this company. This means I get some super dope clothes and lots of photoshoots :)

3: Less than one week until Vegas... homestretch!!!

XOXO Aspen

Holy shit we did it!!!

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Holy shit we did it!!!

On July 1st, I took the stage once again and competed in my 2nd figure class. Having won overall (in both novice and open last show in October) I was not allowed to compete in the novice class, and competed only the “Open Figure” class.

As I type this, a whirlwind of emotions hit me as I recall every hour leading up to the time I hit stage. Happiness, anxiousness, THIRST, anger (I’ll get to that part later) but most of all, insane gratitude!

The Water Cut: As you saw from my MFC stream the days leading up to the show, I have to go through a water cut.. my water intake goes from 1 gallon - my usual, to 8oz the day before the show, and no water the day of. This has always been the hardest and most difficult part of prep for me. When you’re thirsty, nothing matters.. not hunger, not sleep, not “selfies”, all you can think about is WATERRRRR. Come the day before the show, trying to choke down all the white rice and protein with cotton mouth is really trying.. ranting aside, you gotta do what you gotta do! The long and short of it is: the water cut + the carb load is what fills your muscles out without “spilling you over” and making you look soft and watery. There’s a lot of science that goes into it, but that would be the most simple way to explain it.

The Day of the Show: I had to wake up at 3am to continue my carbing up and choke down salmon and white rice. (It took about 30 mins to accomplish this) I woke up and I swear someone left cotton balls in my mouth overnight! I was thankfully able to fall back asleep until I had to be up at 6am for another meal, and then it was off to get my 2nd coat of spray tan and get my hair and make up all done. My coach is not only my biggest inspiration within the fitness industry, but she’s multitalented and did my hair and make up that morning as well!

Pre-Judging: Backstage, right before I step on, I get to eat jam and rice cakes to pump up! The jam was SOO good (primarily because it was moist and was the closest thing that resembled water I was allowed to have that day). I pumped up with the weights back stage and stepped on stage with as much confidence and poise I could muster! I was in an open class with 8 (I think) other girls. Once we complete our routine we go through “call outs” where they place us. I was first called out, center stage (which 99% of the time means you’ve got 1st!) I was ecstatic! ..however, still cautious because it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. (Strange saying for a bodybuilding show, huh?)

Mid-Afternoon: The LONGEST waiting of my life.. I was back in my hotel around 11am and had to wait until 6:30 to go back. My coach gave me a burger to have in-between (fucking awesome right?) The burger was probably delicious, but I was so focused on the water from the tomatoes, it was hard to really enjoy it. The rest of the afternoon is a blur, in and out of sleep just waiting…

Back Stage Pre-Finals: "It's lowkey at the night show (ooh)” The lyrics I had stuck in my head the entire time.. I arrive at 6pm to get make up touched up, and then I wait… and wait.. and wait.. Master’s Figure (35+ and 45+) goes on stage, and Novice figure lines up. That is my cue to get my shit together: Suite glued (yes, its literally glued onto my body) Eat spoonful of jam, pump up, lips touched up and get glazed so I can look like a perfectly roasted rotisserie chicken. As my suit was being glued and all things had been done they make an announcement back stage that they were moving the order of the show and the “Women’s Pro Physique” and “Men’s Pro” were going to be bumped ahead of my class and that would set me back 1 1/2 hours. “NOOOOOO!!!!!” I was READY!! My mind was right, my suite was glued, I had eaten my jelly and rice cake, all systems were GO! I was devastated (and yes, clearly very emotional lol) My first thought was “FUCK now I have to wait until 9:30pm before I can have water. WHAT THE HELL” I moped to the audience to sit with my friends to watch some of the show and sat in misery and anger towards the pros for stealing my spot.

Finals: FINALLY! The pros were done, and it was MY TURN! I marched on stage, strutted my stuff and was presented with the 1st place trophy for my class. Ahhhhhh!!! #worththethirst After winning 1st, you remain back stage along with the other 1st place winners for the “overall showdown/comparisons” This was the big one for me… I wanted more than anything to come home with another sword. I posed my best along side the other best women in their classes, and then it happened! “Please come to the center stage to collect her overall sword, ASPEN RAE!” Ahhhh I could cry. Remembering this gives me the goosebumps all over again. I was so happy!! I collected my sword with the wearing the biggest smile, and proudly walked off stage to meet my coaches who were waiting for me with a big jug of water.

Post-Show: Knowing that I have USA’s at the end of the month, I tried to keep my shit together and not go overboard on the sweets. 1 doughnut, 2 cookies, and as much sushi as I could stomach! And here we go! Onto the next show, the National Stage!! I am so grateful to have such amazing hands-on coaches, and it was a honor to compete against some amazing women who had worked their asses off to compete!

xo Aspen

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