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Happy May


Happy May My Dear PWR Members!

I apologize for the large gap between blog posts. There has been a lot of craziness happening in my life! (I know I know.. what’s new)

I’ll keep it brief - but here’s whats been going on!

I am on contest prep for my pro debut that will take place this summer! 4 weeks later, I will (hopefully) be competing in another show in the midwest. This means. I am super hungry. Super cardio focused. And going to be super shredded for the next few months. Hate it or love it, it’s coming, so prepare yourselves!

I am now a full time trainer. What does this mean? Basically, I have picked up enough in-person clients for the gym owner to charge me a full time trainer rate. Oh joy!

I PASSED MY FAA EXAM!! I scored an 87%, which from what I am told, is pretty darn high for rotorcraft testing.

I am launching a new fitness site that will cater of people of all abilities at the gym, men and women! Stay on the look out! There is a “temp site” on www.aspenbb.com - more is coming and there, I will be able to offer so much more!

I’m tired and hungry.
  • a. I hate lists
  • b. I hate inconsistency

TL;DR Life is going 100MPH and I’m trying to keep up and thrive! I hope you are enjoying the site! There are constant updates happening all the time!!


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