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Helicopter Update!


As a lot of you have probably already heard (from my constant babbling on MFC, (and twitter or Instagram) I’ve recently completed my 2nd solo cross country flight!! It was equally thrilling as it was rewarding.

This particular flight was especially challenging for me because unlike the previous solo XC I took, this flight required me to go through SEVEN different control towers…and that was just on my way up to point B! Communications have always been forever reason, a little tricky for me. When you talk to tower, it’s like speaking in an entirely different language. The first time I heard my instructor talking to tower I hadn’t the faintest idea what was happening “Tower Chopper 5 with Mike at Echo Charlie for straight out departure with services” Just a little example… :)
I have my first competition coming up in just over a week now! After then, I should be back in the air for my 3rd and FINAL solo!! Yay!!

I’ve included some badass pics that were made of me by @angelinabiel on twitter! It got me even more pumped and motivated to keep on flying. I don’t want to wait until July! Getting closer and closer to preparing for that check ride...

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