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New Store Update

Hello my friends!
I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. After my last show I haven’t really had a whole lot going on that you don’t already know. Basically, gym, eat, gym, eat, sleep, repeat. Not too much variance, not much traveling, hence, not too much to talk about. A couple things that I HAVE been brewing up however!

1: The Store!
You asked for it, and here it is! I have released a store account where you can finally have access to purchasing posters and snapchat! I must have spent 2+ hours just deciding on which font to use for the posters.. you have no idea how much overthinking I did with this! But alas, they are here and they are ordered :) I was able to make them reasonably cheaper that I would have by selling them on MFC (since they take a portion of the revenue) AAAAND snapchat available!

2: I’m a sponsored athlete!
I won’t drop names here.. (since this is an adult site after all) but you can check out my instagram for more info on that :D Its a HUGE deal for me and I am beyond excited for this opportunity to work with this company. This means I get some super dope clothes and lots of photoshoots :)

3: Less than one week until Vegas... homestretch!!!

XOXO Aspen

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